Man, Economy and State is one of the definitive books in the Austrian School of economics, written by Murray N. Rothbard. It was first published in 1962.

Brief contentsEdit

Chapter 1 - Fundamentals Of Human Action

Chapter 2 - Direct Exchange

Chapter 3 - The Pattern Of Indirect Exchange

Chapter 4 - Prices And Consumption

Chapter 5 - Production: The Structure

Chapter 6 - Production: The Rate Of Interest And Its Determination

Chapter 7 - Production: General Pricing Of The Factors

Chapter 8 - Production: Entrepreneurship And Change

Chapter 9 - Production: Particular Factor Prices And Productive Incomes

Chapter 10 - Monopoly And Competition

Chapter 11 - Money And Its Purchasing Power

Chapter 12 - The Economics Of Violent Intervention In The Market

Power And MarketEdit

Chapter 1 - Defense Services On The Free Market

Chapter 2 - Fundamentals Of Intervention

Chapter 3 - Triangular Intervention

Chapter 4 - Binary Intervention: Taxation

Chapter 5 - Binary Intervention: Government Expenditures

Chapter 6 - Antimarket Ethics: A Praxeological Critique

Chapter 7 - Conclusion: Economics And Public Policy

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