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Country summary




Brazil 1,644 km, Ecuador 590 km, Panama 225 km, Peru 1,800 km, Venezuela 2,050 km

Government type

republic; executive branch dominates government structure


43,677,372 (July 2010 est.)[1]

Population growth

1.219% (2010 est.)[1]

Life expectancy

74.07 years[1]


12% (2009 est.)[1]

Index of Economic Freedom


Corruption Perceptions Index


Doing Business ranking


Colombia was one of the three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others are Ecuador and Venezuela). A four-decade long conflict between government forces and anti-government insurgent groups, principally the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) heavily funded by the drug trade, escalated during the 1990s. The insurgents lack the military or popular support necessary to overthrow the government and violence has been decreasing since about 2002, but insurgents continue attacks against civilians and large areas of the countryside are under guerrilla influence or are contested by security forces. More than 31,000 former paramilitaries had demobilized by the end of 2006 and the United Self Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) as a formal organization had ceased to function. In the wake of the paramilitary demobilization, emerging criminal groups arose, whose members include some former paramilitaries. The Colombian Government has stepped up efforts to reassert government control throughout the country, and now has a presence in every one of its administrative departments. However, neighboring countries worry about the violence spilling over their borders.[1]

Economical characteristicsEdit

  • Currency: Peso (ISO code: COP)
  • Central bank discount rate: 3.5% (31 November 2009)[1]
  • Commercial banks lending rate: 9.57% (31 December 2009)[1]
  • Stock of money (M1): $25.01 billion (31 December 2009)[1]
  • Quasi money (with M1 makes M2): $26.57 billion (31 December 2008)[1]


Statistic / Year 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
GDP (million USD)[5] 86 301 94 053 92 877 93 016 91 702 113 774 144 581 162 347 207 786 243 765
Govt. debt (% of GDP)[6] 56.702 55.674 78.127 56.968 49.085 54.297
Govt. revenue (% of GDP)[7] 16.063 14.801 17.622 20.261 23.496 21.781 24.040 23.459
Govt. expenses (% of GDP)[8] 20.842 18.595 22.132 22.928 23.469 24.063 25.476 23.702
Debt to revenue (years) 3.218 2.748 3.325 2.615 2.042 2.315


Note: statistical data was rounded. Different sources may use different methodologies for their estimates. Debt to revenue is calculated by dividing the two variables from their original ('unrounded') values. It represents how long it would a government take to repay its entire debt if it used its whole revenue for this purpose.

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